Report: Apple to start shipping iPhones, iPads and other devices from retail stores to speed local delivery – USA TODAY

If you live near an Apple Store, your iOS device orders might soon start arriving more quickly than before. 

Apple, which typically ships gadgets from regional warehouses or directly from China, has started shipping iPhones, Macs and iPads from US-based retail stores, Bloomberg reports, citing people familiar with the matter. 

The move to send devices from its network of retail locations is meant to speed up local delivery for customers within 100 miles of a store, Bloomberg reports.

Packages could arrive as soon as the next day, but you can’t opt-in to the delivery option. It’s all up to Apple, which ships through FedEx in the U.S. Apple wasn’t immediately available for comment. 

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Apple store employees straightening Apple Watch bands on display.

The news about shipment changes is happening ahead of Apple’s plan to announce new devices, including what might be a 5G-compatible iPhone on Wednesday.

Apple recently unveiled the Apple Watch Series 6 with blood oxygen monitoring. The company is also cooking up a new iPad Air and over-ear headphones, according to Bloomberg. 

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