PS5 cost may have been leaked by Spanish retailer ahead of PS5 event – GamesRadar+

Multiple images have surfaced from a major Spanish retailer that may have revealed the PS5 price. Photos from El Corte Inglés appeared overnight, potentially revealing the cost of both versions of the upcoming console ahead of official word from Sony.

Both images stem from El Corte Inglés, which is one of the biggest retailers in Spain, Pictures of the store’s internal systems that appear to show entries for both the standard and digital versions of the PS5 were shared on messaging service Telegram, listing two prices for the console. According to both of these photos, one version of the PS5 will cost €499.90 ($594/£460), while the other will cost €399.90 ($475/£369). The digital-only version of the console is very likely to be the cheaper version.

It’s possible that these prices are the retailer’s own placeholders for the console, but they line up precisely with similar leaks posted to Amazon France last month. What’s more, they’re very similar to the prices we’re expecting to see at Sony’s PS5 event tomorrow, and with that reveal so close, it does seem likely that retailers would have been informed about the console’s official price.

If these prices are accurate, it looks like Microsoft will have managed to undercut Sony pretty significantly. Both the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S come in around $100 cheaper than their counterparts, and while Sony is likely hoping that its library of games will help sway buyers, the inflated price-tag could push several people towards the next-generation Xbox.

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