OnePlus releases promotional video of the OnePlus Nord with glimpses of its design – PhoneArena

It’s been the talk of the town over the last few weeks: OnePlus is releasing an affordable phone once again! Called the OnePlus Nord, the new phone will mark a “new beginning” as OnePlus puts it.

Not only will the new phone cost significantly less than current OnePlus flagships at “below $500”, but it will also start a whole new line of phones with a totally different user base in mind.

And the latest video on the OnePlus Nord Instagram page is another confirmation of that.

There’s no talk about speed or performance or refresh rates. In fact, there’s no mention of smartphones at all. OnePlus Nord seems to focus more on the human side of the smartphone experience rather than the hardware. 

We, however, do still focus on the tech side, so naturally, we were looking for those split seconds where you can see the Nord itself. Or at least what we can assume is the OnePlus Nord. Here’s what you can see in one of the frames:

It’s not much, but it’s our first real-life glimpse of the OnePlus Nord. The phone has a flat display, just like we’ve seen in the leaks, and a very tall aspect ratio. It also appears to be quite slim. 

Another frame, captured by @Slashleaks, shows the back of the devices:

The camera module leaves no doubt that this is a OnePlus phone we haven’t seen before. The corner position of the camera bump is new and likely very intentional. Every OnePlus flagship since the OnePlus 6 has had a centered rear camera. 

However, if you’re hyped up about the Nord and you live in the states, we have some bad news. Currently, there seem to be no plans for OnePlus to release the phone in the States. India, the UK and the rest of Europe are the targeted markets for this device right now.