New NVMe SSD From WD Revealed, And Its Fast Enough For The PS5 – GameSpot

Western Digital has unveiled its new line of next-generation SSD products, including a Gen 4 NVMe SSD that features speeds fast enough for expanding the PS5’s internal storage. The company also revealed a PCIe add-in SSD card and a new Thunderbolt 3 SSD game dock that makes adding extra storage and ports easy. All of the new SSD products boast fast read/write speeds and customizable RGB lighting.

Western Digital’s WD Black line is focused specifically on products for gamers, which is why the company has put a focus on RGB lighting for its next line of storage options. All of WD Black’s RGB-enabled products can be customized and synchronized via the WD Black Dashboard app on Windows. Thankfully, the company hasn’t neglected the speed of its NVMe SSDs, providing a number of options that rival the best on the market.