LG teases an Explorer Project phone with a slide-out display – Engadget

LG is entering a highly experimental phase of being a phone maker, in which it tries to woo new customers over with all sorts of unique designs. The LG Wing, with its flip-around display and second screen, is the first in a series of Explorer Project handsets that try something different. And, at the end of LG’s keynote showing off the Wing, it also teased the second Explorer Project device, a smartphone with a slide-out, apparently flexible display that could put its rivals to shame. 

The teaser is entirely depicted in the GIF above, showing off a device where the right-hand side pulls out to greatly increase the size of the display. And we reckon it’ll behave similarly to TCL’s concept device that does similar, pulling out to release more screen real estate nestled inside the phone’s body. Given LG’s experience making rollable OLED displays for its ultra-fancy range of TVs, it’s certainly possible that the technology will come to smartphones.