Here’s What Still Needs A Buff In ‘Destiny 2’ Heading Into Beyond Light – Forbes

Beyond Light is delayed and we will see if my daily Destiny column survives 50 extra days of relative dead time. Festival of the Lost post every day? I guess we’ll see.

Today I wanted to get more sandbox-y, focusing on buffs that I hope to see in the coming months, or when Beyond Light finally hits in November. Yes, I am the nerf king, but I save my wrath for a few select weapons (#1 on my current hitlist: Mountaintop), but there’s a lot more stuff that needs to be buffed than nerfed right now, and here are my selections.

Scout Rifles – These were buffed a while back, but it wasn’t enough, and these still exist in this tiny, tiny sliver of space between bows and pulse rifles and are simply not very good in either PvP or PvE. I am farming good, non-sunset Night Watches in the hopes that this buff comes, but scouts have rarely ever been in at truly good place.

Rocket Launchers – I am honestly not sure if rocket launchers will ever be good again if Bungie continues to make all of them besides Truth only have one rocket in the chamber, unless you get lucky with Ambitious Assassin or something. These need a damage buff, possibly a buff to something like reload speed (enhanced rocket launcher loader costs 6 energy lol), and this power weapon needs to have its day in the sun.

Machine Guns (Against Bosses) – So, Machine Guns had their damage nerfed against bosses back when infinite ammo Lunafaction wells were a thing, but I think it’s definitely time to revert that now. Machine guns are already going to be in rough shape after sunsetting (I think there’s one that won’t be sunset at this point?) so throw us a bone.

Heavy Grenade Launchers – The recent nerf went too far and now Grenade Launchers just kind of suck. Not breach launchers, currently ruining crucible and most other things, but heavy ones are all just sort of bad now after recent changes. As you can see, the entire heavy slot is kind of in rough shape, which is why everyone will just keep throwing Whisper or Guillotine or something in there unless things are changed.

Like 80% of Exotic Armor – While Bungie is on fire when it comes to designing exotic weapons these days, that is not the case for exotic armor as I would say at least 80% of it goes completely unused, new and old items alike. Sure there are joke ones that need total reworks (Aeon), and yet there are just too many mediocre ones that are simply never used at all, and many of the ones we have already seen buffed (Sanguine Alchemy) still aren’t really used. There’s work to be done here.

Nova Warp – This subclass was utterly destroyed by past nerfs and needs a bit of love to be somewhat viable again in both PvP and PvE.

Most Super Damage Against Bosses (Especially In Raids) – I think it’s time to take a look at why pretty much the only super anyone uses against Destiny’s biggest bosses is Celestial Golden Gun. I would love to be able to run a raid as a Warlock and feel comfortable throwing Nova Bombs or Chaos Reach blasts at bosses instead of being essentially forced to throw down a well so everyone can spam Whisper or whatever. This is a complicated problem, but it’s been like this for a while now.

Console Mobility – The buff needed here? It’s time to make Traction a standard feature of Destiny on console, not a 3 cost mod. PC has no need of traction with its ability for instant turns, but Traction on console, which still isn’t even close to PC mobility, should be a toggle, not a mod taking up energy and a slot. It is long past time for this to be implemented.

So, those are my targets for buffs. What are yours?

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