Google Maps Freezes on Android Auto and Some People Are Just Lost – autoevolution

There is a gazillion of things that need to be improved in Android Auto, and one of the most recent seems to affect Google Maps, the navigation app that millions of us turn to in order to go from point A to point B without even knowing the road.

And the accuracy of its navigation instructions is what makes Google Maps so vital for some people, which means that whenever something goes wrong with the app, these users end up feeling lost.

This is what seems to be the case right now for some users, as a recent update causes Google Maps to freeze when running on Android Auto.

What happens is that Google Maps fails to update the location to follow the car as it moves, so essentially, these users no longer know where they are and can’t receive navigation directions.

While these users who turned to Google’s forums claim the whole thing started recently after updates for Android Auto and Google Maps, the problem might not necessarily be new and could be related to the GPS tracking issues that the apps have struggled within the last few months.

Google Maps losing GPS is a glitch that has been around for a while, but for some reason, it’s now expanding to more devices. And this is odd, to say the least, as the most recent updates were supposed to improve the experience rather than bring the same bug to more people out there.

For some, Google Maps no longer working is a nightmare.

Same thing is happening for me, noticed it the last couple of days. It’s extremely frustrating because I just moved across the country and literally have no knowledge of the city,” someone says on the Google forums.

As far as workarounds are concerned, clearing the cache and data of Android Auto and Google Maps could help, and so could downgrading to previous versions of the apps using the dedicated APK installers. This could make a difference especially if the bug is introduced by the latest app versions.