Genshin Impact’s First New Hero Is About To Go Live – Forbes

At long last, Genshin Impact players are finally going to see the introduction of a new playable character, the first of many no doubt arriving in the game over the next weeks, months and years.

As expected, that character is Klee, who was in the beta, and whom you can “test” in an Adventure Rank 32 story mission, but has not actually been in the game to date. That’s about to change.

Late last night miHoYo announced that Klee will arrive in a new “banner” event to replace Venti. In gacha terms, that’s just code for introducing a new character that players can spend earned or paid currency to try to “pull.” And Klee is a 5 star character, meaning her drop rates are very, very low.

There’s a little confusion about when exactly this starts. The Genshin tweet says that it will be October 20, 18:00 server time. If “server time” is for China, then that would be 6 AM ET on Tuesday. And yet the Venti banner expires later on tonight at 7 PM ET. So either there will be a stretch of a day and a half or so without a featured banner, or we’re not interpreting the time/date correctly.

If the Klee banner functions the same way as the Venti banner, the odds will be:

A 0.6% chance of pulling a 5 star character. And then a 50% chance that the 5 star will be Klee as opposed to one of the others. But after 90 attempts, a 5 star character is guaranteed. You do not want to know how much 90 attempts costs.

Past Klee, however, some players are excited about the other 4 star “rate up” characters, as there are three existing heroes that will make up 50% of all 4 star pulls. They are:

  • Noelle (Geo, Claymore)
  • Sucrose (Anemo, Catalyst)
  • Xinqiu (Hydro, Sword)

Some players are particularly looking forward to getting the underrated Sucrose, and the point of these is not just to land these heroes, but to also land duplicates to rank up their constellations and unlock even more powers for them. These three are replacing Barbara, Fischl and Xiangling, who I would argue are more useful overall, but I’ve gotten a good amount of each at this point. And I did manage to get Venti.

Again, we don’t know exactly when this starts. Check back at 7 PM ET to see if it might go live when the Venti banner expires, but if not, it seems like Monday or Tuesday perhaps. This banner will likely last until the 1.1 patch in November, and then we’ll get a new one after that. Get to grinding. Or spending, I suppose.

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