‘Destiny 2’ Shows Off Ten New Incredible ‘Beyond Light’ Exotics – Forbes

I mean, I knew we were “just” getting a new trailer today instead of a Vidoc or something longer, but wow, I am impressed all the same.

In a two-minute spot, Bungie has shown off ten different exotics from Beyond Light, only one of them “old,” and even that one has essentially been redesigned.

What’s on the list? Here’s the full breakdown:

No Time To Explain – We all knew the gun was back, but what we did not know is that it effectively spawns its own version of arc buddy, something that will follow you and shoot extra bullets at enemies, which is apparently the gun shooting out of another timeline. Amazing.

Cloudstrike – This is the sniper we caught a glimpse of yesterday, and as I thought, it is not a reprisal, but an entirely new weapon which casts lightning strikes on precision hits. Shown off getting a triple kill from one headshot in Crucible. Yikes.

The Lament – Quite literally a chainsaw sword. You block to rev the blade, then it will shred through shields and at max power, actually heal you while doing so. Uh, what? Wow.

Salvation’s Grip – This appears to be a heavy sort of grenade launcher that shoots out giant stasis crystals and freezes enemies. Charge it up for more crystals. Thanks Darkness!

Icefall Mantle (Titan Gloves) – This replaces your barricade with an Overshield which I absolutely adore. I have long thought Titans have the worst class skill, especially in PvE, but this sounds like it could be amazing in many instances in both PvE and PvP

Mask of Bakris (Hunter Helmet) – Hunters wanted blink back, and this is how they get it. It’s called “shift” and it costs you your dodge, and I assume it will be ground only. But yeah, this is going to be wild in PvP.

Athyr’s Embrace (Hunter Gloves) – Enhanced weighted knife and in the trailer it showed it bouncing off two walls for a kill. Maybe it makes in homing? I’m not sure.

Dawn Chorus (Warlock Helmet) – Improved burns and Daybreak damage. Pretty straightforward and I am curious to see by how much this damage is increased. At the very least it wins for wildest looking new exotic.

Necrotic Grip (Warlock Gloves) – This makes you melee spread poison so it’s literally Thorn at your fingertips. Cannot wait to see how this might work in practice.

Precious Scars (Titan Helmet) – Revive creates a shielding aura so this is pretty much the “Trials of Osiris” exotic for Titans that will no doubt be used going forward.

There is one another exotic not shown here that we know about, Hawkmoon, which is having its central perk redesigned. And I have no doubt there are more secret weapons that we might not see yet, and I do buy the theories that in this ice-filled season we might see Icebreaker return somehow. But not here.

Ten new exotics, only one from Destiny 1 and it might as well be a new gun. Not bad, Bungie, not bad at all.

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