Bungie Wants Feedback For Destiny 2’s Festival Of The Lost, So Here’s Mine – Forbes

This week on Twitter, Destiny 2 community manager DMG has asked for people to chime in with their feedback for Festival of the Lost, as it’s all being collected and may be implemented in future iterations of the holiday event.

Well, here I am with a daily Destiny column to fill, and I have some thoughts. I will say that at baseline, I understand that this year’s Festival of the Lost was probably implemented at the last minute to some extent, given that it may have been entirely different had it launched when Beyond Light hit. But we don’t know those details for sure, and we only have the final product we got to go on.

So, let’s break it down.

Ciphers Are Bad, No Matter Their Drop Rate – Ciphers were a bad idea, poorly implemented. Even when the drop rate was increased, the optimal process for “farming” Festival of the Lost was to…run patrols or Nightmare Hunts to get ciphers, then do a single run (or AFK firewalled run) of the Haunted Forest to open five cache chests at a time. You already have other activities implemented into Festival with candy and coins, I don’t know why they needed to force people to run 3-5 or more other, non-Forest activities to do an optimal Forest run. That seems bizarre. All it would have taken was…get further in the Forest, get more caches at the end. Right now there was literally no reason to get to further branches and doing so actually felt like a waste of time and effort.

The Armor Sets Were Rad – This is easily my favorite set of event armor they’ve ever done, and miles better than the glowy skeletons of last year, which I would consider the worst Eververse set besides the Guardian Games armor. More ultra scary Guardian armor in the future please. In a perfect world, we would be able to earn these ornaments through Forest grinding somehow, but I understand holiday events are meant to make money. That said, Bungie has been shown to be open to taking Eververse armor out of the store in the past and using it as a premium reward (Prophecy’s Daito armor), so never say never.

The Guns Were A Bust – Again, this was probably a last minute thing, but just bringing back the last two years of guns with random rolls was boring, and the guns are not particularly good in the first place (I guess Horror Story is okay). I definitely would have liked to have seen like, Duty Bound as a 1.0 weapon given new life as “Death Bound” or something with new perks. In the end, I was simply not motivated enough to farm these.

Earning Exotic Cosmetics Is Great – This is a very positive change! The ability to get the exotic ghost, ship and sparrow from Eva through grinding out challenges was a solid move. Granted, the challenges were bad because of the cipher problem, but the concept was good in theory at least. I think Bungie has realized we like earning this kind of stuff instead of buying it in Eververse.

Better Finishers – Come on, it’s Halloween. Give us like a murder slasher finisher where you butcher enemies with a meat cleaver or something. One-inch punch? What does that have to do with Halloween?

Masks – Like Mask designs are fine I guess, though the paper mache effect makes a lot of them look pretty weird. And I like the idea of different mods doing things in the Haunted Forest. But the problem with masks is that A) they don’t have a slot for things like Warmind Cells or Charged with Light mods, so they screw up builds and B) I just bought this awesome Hunter werewolf helmet and I can’t wear it because I have to wear a Mask in that slot for a month.

Retire the Haunted Forest – Fundamentally, I think it’s time for the Forest to go. I don’t know whether or not it will be forcibly retired through sunsetting, as presumably it’s a part of Mercury, but if not, I mean, it’s been three years now and this event has barely changed. It’s fine, but I think it’s time to move on. Haunted EAZ, perhaps? Or really, just an entirely new thing would be good at this point, and then you can use that for three more years I suppose.

More Secrets – Getting the Ascendant Lens, which seems like it could lead to something cool and secret, is neat. But if not, don’t tease us with stuff that doesn’t pan out. I would love for more secret things like this to be integrated into holiday events that lead to genuinely good rewards. I’m not saying to make this a “you had to be there” type of thing, as you can just give the reward to people who missed it later, but they’ll miss the fun part of the secret hunt at the time.

So yeah, those are my thoughts. Would love to hear your own on Twitter. Let me know.

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