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We’re right in the middle of Prime Day now, which is one of the few times you can get a discount on Apple products — iPhones included. Then Apple goes and announces the iPhone 12 range and shakes up the entire pricing structure.

But with Apple slashing prices on older iPhones, it means all the savings are coming at the same time. This is one of the best times to buy an older iPhone, especially now that the year-old iPhone 11 is now a relatively inexpensive $599.

iPhone 12 pre-orders officially begin Oct. 16, but some enticing deals have already been announced. If you’re in the market for a new iPhone, be it the 12, 11 or otherwise, here are all the best deals we could find.

Best Prime Day iPhone deals right now

iPhone 12: free with Unlimited + trade-in @ AT&T
Apple’s new iPhone 12 is finally here, and AT&T is offering the first major discount. Currently, new and existing AT&T subscribers can get the iPhone 12 for free when purchased with an AT&T Unlimited Plan and with trade-in of an iPhone 8 (or a later model). It’s the first iPhone 12 deal we’ve seen and one of the fastest discounts we’ve seen on a new iPhone. View Deal

iPhone 12: $15/month with Unlimited + trade-in @ Verizon
At Verizon, trade-in an iPhone X (or later model), sign up for a Verizon Unlimited plan, and you can get the new iPhone 12 for just $15/month with a 24-month installment plan. That’s $439 off the full cost ($799) of the iPhone 12.View Deal

iPhone 12 Mini: $13/mo. with Unlimited + trade-in @ Verizon
At Verizon, trade-in an iPhone X (or later), sign up for a Verizon Unlimited plan, and you can get the new iPhone 12 Mini for just $12/month with a 24-month installment plan. That’s $411 off the full cost ($699) of the iPhone 12 Mini.View Deal

iPhone 11: Was $699 now $599 @ Apple
The best iPhone 11 price is currently at Apple, which has cut the cost of last year’s flagship by $100 to make room for the iPhone 12 lineup. The iPhone 12 mini, which ships in November, inherits the iPhone 11’s old $699 starting price.View Deal

iPhone 11 Pro for free: With trade-in @ AT&T
You can get an iPhone 11 Pro at AT&T by switching your wireless service to one of the carrier’s unlimited data plans. You will need to trade in your current phone, too, to get up to $1,000 in bill credits spread out over 30 months. Users who don’t bring in their own line can get a $400 discount.View Deal

iPhone 11 with up to $550 off: With trade-in @ Verizon
Trading in your current phone at Verizon and signing up for one of four different unlimited data plans gets you up to $550 off in the form of bill credits. You’ll receive those credits over 24 months. Switchers are eligible for a $250 e-gift card.View Deal

iPhone 11 buy one/get one offer: With trade-in @ T-Mobile
Bring your number over from another carrier, and buy an iPhone 11 on a monthly payment plan. Once you trade-in your current device, T-Mobile will add a second iPhone 11, discounting the cost of that second phone via monthly bill credits.View Deal

iPhone SE for $339 (Renewed): Save $60 @ Amazon
Apple’s cheapest iPhone didn’t get a price cut after the iPhone 12 launch, but you can save yourself some money on a renewed model on Amazon. Normally $359, Amazon knocked off an extra $20 off that price giving you a total saving of $60 compared to buying new.View Deal

iPhone SR (Verizon) for $399: Save $100 @ Amazon
Another renewed model, meaning you’re saving $100 compared to buying a new one from Apple. It’s not as cheap as the SE, but it’s also bigger, has better battery, and swaps TouchID for FaceID. If that’s more appealing, this is the deal for you.View Deal

iPhone 8 for $301 (Renewed): Save $14 @ Amazon
Apple may not sell the iPhone 8 anymore, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get your hands on one — and for less than the already-cheap iPhone SE. This is a renewed model, so it’s not brand new, but it’s also one of the cheapest ways to get an iPhone. Just now with an extra 5% off the usual price.View Deal

The iPhone 11 has proven to be the most popular iPhone model since Apple released it last year, helped in no small part by its attractive price. Even though it debuted at $300 less than the iPhone 11 Pro, the iPhone 11 uses the same powerful A13 Bionic processor, and its two rear-lens cameras take some of the best pictures you’ll get from a phone.

iPhone 12 may be on the horizon, but none of that has changed. In fact the new $599 price tag makes the iPhone 11 even more appealing — especially for a phone that’s only a year old.

A 6.1-inch LCD screen gives you a nice big canvas for running apps or watching videos, and the phone lasted more than 11 hours on our battery test — a very impressive result.

With all those attributes, the iPhone 11 has already proven to be in heavy demand on Prime Day, even if there were new iPhones appearing last night. Now that there’s a new price tag, you can expect it to be even more popular.

We’re focusing on the iPhone 11, but the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max are impressive devices in their own right. Each have three rear cameras and OLED screens; they’re powered by the same A13 Bionic chip in the iPhone 11. Both phones have disappeared from Apple’s lineup, so look for prices to drop from their current $999 and $1,099 starting points.

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